Don't print out an army list EVER AGAIN

View and organize your BattleScribe army lists with Forces, designed to give the at-a-glance information you need to in the heat of battle. Never print out an army list again!


How much damage will 40 Hobgrots do to a Mega-Gargant?


Generate game system meta reports - which army is being used most these days? What are the top units for my faction and how many do people take?

Made for all your portable devices

Forces is written natively to run smoothly on the mobile device of your choice. Whether you're rocking an Android tablet or an Apple iPhone to the gaming table Forces will run and look great on it.


Forces uses push notifications to alert you to the changes you care about. Subscribe to be alerted when a specific Battlescribe dataset are updated, or when a specific topic is posted about on Warhammer Community.